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March 2017: Back in Africa working with Madonna and Raising Malawi - See the latest Instragram Stars here






November 2016: Thank you to Gallery 151 for this wonderful show of works in support of Right 2 Thrive!


October 2016:



September 2016:

Thank you to Mark Borghi Fine Art for this wonderful installation of work from the Rift Valley Children's Village.



July 2016



June 2016: Back at the Rift Valley Children's Village! Be sure to check out The Tanzanian Children's Fund




May 2016 :

An amazing start to How to Draw a Lion this year - back in Malawi!








April 2016:

Announcing my itinerary for this year!

May 2nd   -  May 24th    -  The Jacaranda School, Malawi
May 24th  -  June 6th    -  Nkoaranga Orphanage , Tanzania
June 6th   -  July 4th   -  The Rift Valley Children's Village, Tanzania
July 5th  -  July 30th   -  Right2Thrive and Shining Hope for Communities, Nairobi, Kenya



November 2015:

Thank you to The Buckley School in New York for hosting How to Draw a Lion and allowing a presention of the kids' work.