Latest News:

January 2021

Our latest video is live on the How to Draw a Lion YouTube channel!  Learn how to draw a Giraffe for beginners with some help from young artists in East Africa.  Remember to like and subscribe for more great content!

November 2020

We are pleased to launch online classes through our How to Draw a Lion YouTube channel.  Check out the very first video on drawing a lion's face and make sure you subscribe to more content in the future!

September 2020

One of the most extraordinary milestones in our history is the publication of our first book devoted to art from Africa.  Entitled "Lions, Cheetahs and Rhinos - Oh My!" and co-authored by acclaimed children's book writer Moira Rose Donahue, the book is a love letter to African wildlife.  Order your copy on Amazon now - all proceeds go back to our programs for young artists!