As iconic as any nation on the continent, Kenya brings with it the allure of Africa's majesty, being home to vast herds of animals who populate it's Masai Mara game reserve and Tsaavo National Parks.  It's capital city of Nairobi, which started as a depot along the Uganda railroad, is now a booming international metropolis and home to over 6 million citizens   There are over 8 million primary school students in this country, but very few have access to any arts curriculum.  The natural talent of this children is often staggering, so we are committed to getting them pencils and paint...

All paintings are available for a suggested donation of $200.  Free domestic shipping for unframed works.  Framing is included at no extra charge if ordering from the NYC area.  Please indicate which painting you would like on the PayPal form and please contact us on the Donate Page for further assistance.  Online sales go to support How to Draw a Lion art classes in Africa, please go to our home page and click through to our partner sites to find out about sponsoring a child and donating further.  Thank you!

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